ExpoSE: A Quick Start Guide

In this tutorial I explain how to use the ExpoSE dynamic symbolic execution (DSE) tool. First I run through how to use ExpoSE with some simple JavaScript test-cases and then explain how to interpret the results.

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How to Rewrite Incoming JavaScript in Chromium

When analyzing JavaScript software it is common to rewrite or instrument the program in some way in order to expose specific data during execution. Typically instrumentation of JavaScript in the browser is achieved by a proxy - a tool that rewrites JavaScript in network requests. In practice proxies typically do not perform well as there are often multiple entry points to a program and it can be hard to correctly rewrite all cases. Another alternative is modifying V8 to achieve the desired level of program instrumentation. Unfortunately, modern JavaScript interpreters are complex pieces of software and this often carries heavy technical and maintenance overheads. Instead we propose rewriting the JavaScript entry point within a browser to instrument source code, achieving a reasonable compromise between maintainability and development time. In this tutorial we are going to modify V8, the JavaScript interpreter used by Chromium, so that all JavaScript executed by Chromium can be rewritten by an instrumentation framework.

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A Short Tutorial on Logging in ExpoSE

The concurrent execution of test-cases and JavaScript compilation process can make logging test-case output confusing in ExpoSE. In this short tutorial I explain how to enable test-case logging and give quick configurations.

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